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Heeeeyy! 👋

And welcome to Make it Mania. A unique blog/newsletter and audio-blog, where I'll share some insights on how we can do better :)

I must confess that it took me a lot of time to write this introduction, and there were so many reasons for that. But the only thing that I had in my mind during all this process, was this part of Stromae's song "fils de joie”:

"Le plus dur, ben, c'était la première fois. Puis le plus dur, c'est de savoir quand s'ra la dernière fois"

Meaning: "The hard part was the first time. But the hardest is knowing when will be the last time."

He was obviously talking about s*x workers, but I believe that it resonates with so many aspects of our daily lives.

Anyway. I know why you are here, reading or listening to what I'm saying. I believe you've some questions, I will say 4, and I'm here to answer those 4 questions.

1. How did I come up with this? What's the story behind?

2. What I'm looking to achieve with this? What's the dream?

3. Why I believe it's so important to do such a thing?

4. How I will proceed?


For the Story...

Let's go back to summer 2023. After I decided to bring StartupOKLM's adventure to an end. Because, I was tired of being defined by the number of followers I've had rather than the value I was creating, and I was spending a lot of time on operational work rather than progressing and learning.

So I decided to spend most of my free time doing just nothing, getting really bored, and, to be honest, I was lost.

Weeks later, I remembered this conversation I've had with Franck Nouyrigat (Hello Franck 👋😂), founder of Startup Weekend, Electis and many other ventures.

When I told him I was lost, he asked me about my role models, people who inspire me, I mean like if they had this private club, I will be so in love with the idea of joining them.

I knew that I've had so many before, but at the moment, I just couldn't give an answer.

So I started thinking about it, and creating a list of people I wanna host on a podcast, keep in my daily life. I mean, people who bring me this feeling of happiness, people who make me feel good, people who make me feel truly myself.


And I discovered 2 crazy things; First, I don't have as many people as I thought (probably no more than 15). Then, they all share a lot of things in commun. So I felt like maybe this is my new identity, my new self.

We are talking about people who don't care that much about money, but they care more about the value they're providing to people. They care about the technology, the science behind, the innovation, thinking outside the box, thinking about the future, the power of critique, of discussion and feedback...

They also write essays, share insights (blog, audio or video content) but not on a daily basis, and I guess you know where I'm going with this.

But Why?

I feel like writing will help me clarify my ideas and go even further in my reflexions. Writing, I hope, will allow me to meet interesting people, just like my video content did before.

However, my writing needs to be useful; otherwise, it won't last for sure. When you know how you can impact people's lives, you wanna do more, help more, give more, and that's what I'm looking for.

So the question was: what I'm going to talk about?


Maybe content, will all my experience; Maybe technology, maybe business or maybe geopolitics, I'm passionate about all of them; or Maybe even football, I mean, I'm a huge football fan and I enjoy watching or reading football analysis content.

Or maybe something new, it's always good to discover new stuff.

So I spent many weeks thinking about it.

Then I remembered something I've always enjoyed doing.

(btw, if I think that much in my life, it's because I spend a lot of time alone, which really helps my brain keep my inner voice alive and healthy, something we don't consider that much in our way of living)

When I meet people and they tell me about their problems, I love thinking about solutions. When I see something that doesn't look good (in politics, in life, in business, in tech), I love spending my time thinking about solutions. How we can do better? How we can improve such a thing?

And I guess that's the story behind.

To be honest, my ambition is...

to write interesting stuff that will be taken in consideration—things that can help people and societies, stuff that AI can't write haha. If the impact is concrete (is real), I guess it will be the best thing ever.

I don't care really about the numbers anymore. I'd love to have quality readers, people who truly want to change and change things. I know I'm not perfect, and I don't claim to have the truth in my words, but I will try to spend the needed time to learn about stuff before saying anything about them.

That's why, unlike all those newsletters with regular frequency, I decided to only post when I truly have something to say. When I have worked and thought enough about subjects.

And I've decided not to publish a video version; cause I know I will spend more time on the form, the editing, how it will look like. And not be focused enough on the core, the essence, the most interesting part.

Because with TikTok, I've learned that to reach millions you should simplify stuff and reduce the quality of your message. And for sure, I don't wanna fall into this trap again.


I feel like such content will help me and other people to keep faith in improvement, in a world where we are scared of the future (we're all going to die soon haha)I hope I will share some optimism ☀️, a fresh vision, and maybe a legacy one day :)

So, I'm already working on my first essay; will be published soon!

That's all I had to share for now! Thanks for listening or reading until here; it's really touching! :)

Please reach out to me on my email/Linkedin/Twitter if you think that I can help you. I will try to do my best! (just don't be a jerk, please haha)

Have a good day or night! See you soon :)

Adil for MakeitMania