01. Ah sh*t! Here we go again.

01. Ah sh*t! Here we go again.

01. Ah sh*t! Here we go again.

Before I begin, I want to inform you that I will no longer be providing an audio version. You will understand why by the end of this essay :)


It has already been 2 months, and after many attempts, I couldn't publish any essay on a any subject. But I assure you, a lot has happened!

And I’m gonna explain everything to you; so let's go back in time together :)

→ January 24th, 2024.

I published my first post. I was so fulfilled!

I felt this satisfaction of finally releasing something after weeks of preparation (even though it was far from perfect haha), and I also felt the pleasure of receiving positive feedback on social mediathank you, by the way!

As I've said, the goal is to publish insights on how we can do better—once I truly have something to say. In fact, I already had my first subject in mind. I was thinking about YouTube and how it can be improved.

But I didn’t want to force ideas; I needed a natural thinking about the subject in order to share something creative, something honest. So I spent my time doing other things (like improving the blog website, for example), and I was planning to write on the subject as soon as I found the need to.

→ But after some days and some conversations…

I felt like I needed to talk about another subject that was more important: "The Good-Bad Work"or how to find pleasure in your daily work. (Aashima 👋)

I was nurturing the idea, trying to find something interesting and valuable to say. But before, I needed to solve the SPAM problem.

With Ghost.CRM, every time someone subscribes to my newsletter, they have to confirm by clicking on a button in an email in their spam folder, and the newsletter itself ends up in the spam folderthat’s so bad from you Ghost! haha

So, I decided to move everything to another tool, and after days of comparing different tools, I chose Substack :)

At the same time, I wanted to create my personal digital space, a space where I can publish many things, not just the newsletter. And with all that, why not have a new personal branding?

Ok, the work is done! Now everything is ready!

→ It’s time to write, right?

Yes! But..


I was struggling to come up with great ideas or even feel the need to do so.

And I was struggling to pitch what I was doing to people every time I need to.

But then, something happened a few days ago!

I finished my daily work, and I had a free evening. I had the chance to write something, to go deeper into a thinking, to spend time on a subject.

Guess what I did?

I spent the evening playing FIFA haha

I mean, I need to play from time to time, but the need for playing shouldn’t be more important that the need for writing.

“A man who lacks purpose distracts himself with pleasure” - Viktor E. Frankl


→ So let’s start again!

Why I’m not motivated? Why I’m missing the ‘One Thing’? Why I can’t write a good essay? Why I don’t feel the need to? Why does it feel like bad work, not fun?

I know for sure that:

  • I've found crazy joy explaining some AI stuff to my brother (Anas 👋)
  • I came to a crazy conclusion with a friend (Diwan 👋)I'm the kind of guy who would sell everything to keep only a mattress and a Vision Pro at home haha
  • I'm still interested in tech. And among all conventions, VivaTech will always feel like home.
  • I felt crazy joy repairing a MacBook recently.
  • And finally, all of my idols (the famous list from the last essay) are in TECH.

Maybe this is the answer.

Maybe it was here all along.

In front of me.


→ Yes! I know what I wanna do!

I wanna talk about tech, I wanna meet passionate people from the tech industry (as I've done before), I wanna keep being passionate about gadgets, tools, startups...

But, I also know what I don't wanna do.

I know for sure.

I'm not an Entrepreneur. I'm a builder :)

I believe in Tech! I don't believe in clickbait scary titles about AI.

I know, we've the choice. We've always had the choice!

Either we're gonna take advantage of tech. Or tech will take advantage of us.

For me, I believe in a tech that helps people.

So, I’m writing about it.

How Tech can work for you. Not against you.

This time, on a weekly basisevery Wednesday (because I know I've many daily inputs to provide quality content consistently)

On one condition: keeping it simple, so no fancy audio, just straightforward text with simple words but in various formats (interviews, explanations, etc…)


Here we go again.